All About Dignity


PCW Class Description

                  The class series is broken down into 4 days of 5 & 1/2 hour class time. 

                                                The 5th day is 3 to 4 hours.   

Class 1: The first class is about doing Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) such as helping with bathing, changing depends with the person and homemaking skills are learned. Hands on dressing, shaving, nail care, denture care and many personal ADLs are worked on. Homemaking isn’t just what you think -- dusting, cleaning, household care. It is also about doctor visits, HIPAA, fluid balance, helping with eating and healthy diets for less active people, preventing bed sores, fluid balance and more. 

Class 2: This class is about taking care of you and the person you are caring for emotionally. Generally we discuss self determination, at-risk patients, basic human needs, developmental tasks, active listening, burn out, correct lifting tools the use of gloves and correct documentation. Sometimes we run across behavior issues in caring for people. In this class we talk about "behavior interventions" that might make caregiving easier for both the caregiver and the care receiver. We also go into dealing with emergencies, fires and missing clients, what to do with weather problems such as tornadoes and blizzards.  

Class 3We do more ADLs, such as wheelchair transfers and safe wheelchair use, medication reminders, understanding vital signs, using gate belts and even putting on socks.  We go into a chapter on caring for someone when death is imminent. What are some needs of a person that is terminally ill? How can we be of help? What do we do? What is Hospice?    

Class 4 Talks about many chronic illnesses including Alzheimer’s Disease, Sundowners, strokes, oxygen concentraters and their use, hearing loss and AIDS preparing us to work with many of the issues and illnesses associated with ageing.

Class 5: This is the test for those who wish to be employed as a PCW. Skills, information from the handbook, class discussion and definitions are tested using a pass/fail system. The test includes multiple choice, 2 skills, and matching. Those passing the test receive a Certificate of Completion and are offered information about places that employ PCWs. 

Class 6: Optional First Aid and CPR class offered by the American Heart Assoc. The CPR includes a combination of video based training and practice on mannequins for student retention. No written test is required. The First Aid portion teaches the basics for helping with life-threatening injuries and illnesses. This class costs about $25 some employers are starting to want you to have this training. Ask us about this when you sign up for the All About Dignity class. 

Class 7: Once you have completed the first five (5) classes you may be eligible for the QMAP class through ESM. QMAP classes consist of 12 modules that must be completed followed by 2 days of class time that Assisted Livings encourage staff to take so they can "pass medications" to their residents. This class costs $50.00. Contact ESM (Ecumenical Social Ministries) and talk to Joy for more information or to ask to be added to our class mailing list.

Weather closure: We follow the School District 11 closure policy.

Learning about the different parts of a wheelchair and how they help you the caregiver as well as the person using it.

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